How are you in Spanish on 59 formal, informal and funny ways (2023)

You have made friends with Spanish speakers. What now?

Be able toImagine in SpanishAnd finding new friends is an incredible achievement in and for itself, but if you can keep and promote these relationships, but should be one of their ultimate goals ifLearning Spanish.

Even if you are not a social butterfly, you should spend some time to learn different ways to ask in Spanish how you areSpanish is spoken in many countriesAll over the world. Of course, many countries will use different sentences and terminology if they check their friends.

For example, if you come from the USA, you are probably used to it, "How are you?" At the greeting someone. In Great Britain, however, it is more common to "OK?"

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The same applies to Spanish! You could easily learn "How are you doing?"It could bring that through most everyday interactions - until it doesn't do it. What is when someone asks you?How's it going?PresentHow are you doing?, or maybe even "How are you?”. You have to be prepared for every possible scenario!

After all, you also have to be willing to share a little information when someone asks how you are in Spanish. In English it is not to be expected that you ask someone how he is just a formality - you are not expected toThey think their current well -being.

However, Spanish speakers are not afraid to share some information if they are asked how they are doing. Depending on your proximity, you can share some superficial information ("A little tired, but I'm okay!") Or use as an opportunity, to share what is actually going on in her life.

This guide shows you 59 ways to answer in Spanish in many different contexts "How are you" and 37 ways to respond like a true native.Are you ready?

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How are you in Spanish on 59 formal, informal and funny ways (1)

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How do you say "How are you?" In Spanish

As always, we start with the basics so that you can run the floor. The following table contains some of the standard methods to ask someone how he is doing in Spanish.

You can consider them neutral, as it is neither too formal nor too casual.So use them with friends, family, teachers and colleagues alike!

How are you doing?How are you doing?ˈKomo ɛsˈtas ‖Is for EHS-Tahs
Hello, how are you?Hi how are you?ˈOla | ˈkomo ɛsˈtas ‖oh-la-kirche koh-mo ehs-tahs
Hello, how are you? (Plural)Hi how are you?Return ola | ɛstOh-la Church Church Church Church Church Church Church Church
How are you doing?How are you doing?ˈKe ˈtal ‖Keh Language
How are you?How are you?̈Wifter te ˈβa ‖IS-FOR THE VA
How did you feel?How are you doing?̈komo ̃taso ‖a ‖aFor Ahs EHS-Ta-Doe
What's new?What's new?́E · e · pah ́e · a3 please ¶, outthis is us
How is everythinghow is everything?̈WIF èβA ●Ko is also ゔ ゔ
How did you feel?How did it go?I do ‖‖K-m teh ah e-doe
What have you been up to?What have you done?KE as eʧo ‖I feel keh
How are you doing today?How are you doing today?ˈKomo ɛsˈtas ˈoi̯ ‖Ko-mo e-tas oy
How do you feel?How do you feel?Komo zu sj ntes ‖IS-FOR TEH SEH-EHN-TEHS

"How are you?" In Spanish in formal situations

If you have to do with an important customer or meet the company's CEO, you should keep up with more formal opportunities to "say hello how you are" in Spanish.

You also want to use formal sentences if you meet your partner thatFamilyFor the first time, especially with your parents!

How are you? (Singular Formal)How are you doing?ˈKomo is' a UMMIs for EHS-TA OOS-Ted
How are you? (Singular Formal)How are you doing?Who is the Clistist ‖Is for ES-TA
How are you?How are you doing?Ko-Mo and VA
How are you? (Singular Formal)How was it?Komotage ‖Or-ahhs-by-Dee
How did you do it?How are you doing?Komo and a iðo ‖K-MOOH AH-E-Doe
And how are you?And how are you?J Abramsmber | ́komo I.OOS-Ted is for ES-TA
And how are you?And what about you?J Usˈtɛð |ˈKe ˈtal ‖It is Hort Fifine HK Taps.
How are you doing?How are you doing?̈Komo to be an opponent.ko-mo seh ehn-coo-ehn-tra
How are you? (Plural formal)How are you doing?Komo ɛstan tooFi-mose people or people or something.
And how are you?And how are you?Bos énééé | = ̈ ̈a ⁄2%.von oos-ted ko -for va

"How are you?" In Spanish in informal situations

Regardless of whether you have set the jump and decided to register for oneImmersive Spanish learning programOr just visit a quick vacation, you will probably meet many colleagues with whom you want to have casual conversations.

In the following you will find some informal, yet polite ways to ask someone how he is doing in Spanish.

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How are you in Spanish on 59 formal, informal and funny ways (2)

What can you tell meWhat works?́eke MictricKeh Meh COO
How are you?How is it going?Komo βãn die Kosas ‖Co-my fate co-sas
What's new?What works?Ke ai̯ ‖keh ay
What's up?What's up?Zur belt ‖KAH PA-SA
How are you doing?How are you doing?ˈKomo ˈandasKO-MO ANTER-DAS
how is everything?how is everything?ˈKe ˈtal ˈtoðo ‖their
Is everything ok?Everything's ok?ˈ ˈβjɛ̃n ‖Product bee-eht
What can you tell meWhat works?'With' kw̃ ‖Keh ko
How does life treat you?How does life treat you?ˈTekomo te ˈtɾata da ˈβiòòòöië° ‖keena is a tra-her la vee-
What's happened?What was there?The βo ‖Keh and Bo
What are you doing?What are you doing?To Ases ‖The Ah-Ses
What's new in your life?What about your life?́Eke ́e ·e · s and build revi'i · p · e · resSays s body to V-V-D
How are you doing?How are you doing?ˈKomo ˈβas ‖Ko-mo vas
How is it going?How does the thing run?̈Wif das ̈wn 'what ‖Ko-mi sa
What do you tell?What works?́Eke begins with thatKeh ko

"How are you?" In Slang Spanish

As soon as you have found some close friends, you would like to use fun and ultra-casualSpanish slangIf you ask your friends how you are doing. The use of local slang shows your friends that you are really invested in the Mastering of Spanish, and it will also show that you are looking at you close enough to be super casual and relaxedto be around.

Which wave?What works?ˈKe ˈsta ‖keh on-da
Which fart?What up?ˈPa ˈbedo -And Thoie-Doe
Which fraud?Which lane?The Tween the best of 2015Kih-like-yes
Which mushroom?Which mushroom?ˈKe ˈnɡo ° "Keh On-Go
Which show?Which show?ˈKe ˈSow ‖Keh Show
Which role?Which role?Ʝo ‖ ‖Hair h low
What's the name of?What's the name of?ˈKe se ˈðise ‖Huh seh)
Then what is still?Then what is still?ˈKE ˈmas ˈpwes ‖Keh more poo-
What else?What more Parcero?Keks kiss are trives yay –––In the month of Keh
What was?BookˈKjuβoKey-Oo-Bo
What was?QuiiboleˈKjuβoleThe key with-mit-
Good or what?Good or what?́Bɔjɛn o ́NOKE ̃ ̃Bee-Ehn Oh Keh
What's going on, uncle?What's going on man?ˈKe ˈpasa ˈtio ‖keh pa-sa tee-oh
Which fart?Which PEX?ˈKe ˈpeks ‖They peck
Good or what?Good or what?ˈBj̃̃n | the ˈke ~Bee-Ehn Oh Keh
How are you doing?How are you doing?Komo is availableIs for EHS-TAI
And what about you?And what about?I am hereE toy Keh
Talk to metell meAβlameAh-Bla-Me
How are youHow about WeoˈKe ˈtal ˈweokeh tal weh-oh
Sing to me, tiger!Tell me sing, Tigre!ˈDimelo kãnˈtãndo | ˈtiɣɾe ‖Dee-Ga-Meh-Lo Can-Toe
What's what?What is it?ˈKe ˈɛs̬ lo ˈke ˈɛs ‖Koh
Which soup?Which soup?ˈKe ˈSopa ‖keh so-pa

What is new old man?

We thought we would give this timeless way to say how you are a shout-out.You may already be familiar with this expression. One of the best known phrases by Bugs Bunny is "What's going on, doc?"What is new old man?in Spanish.

Take a look at the following video to see thatWabbitSay his famous line in Spanish!

How to react to how they are doing

Answer to a "Hello, how are you?" In Spanish can be so easy to react with a fast "Mirg" or as complex as if you are going to be about how you really wantfeel comfortable with themFeelings and feelings in SpanishSo you can give an exact description of how you really feel.

(Video) DO NOT say "how are you?"! Ask the question in a better way!

How are you in Spanish on 59 formal, informal and funny ways (3)

Very good and you?Very good and you?Mwijɛn | of them here ‖Mooy Beehn, e too
Very good thank you.Very good thank you.MWI ˈβjɛ̃n |ˈAsjas ‖Moy B-Hen, Gar-Si-Es
Great thanks.Great thanks.ƐKSEˈ ˈsasjo ‖Ex-eh-len-te, gra-see-as
Not very good and you?Not very good and you?6 Conalching Dia ̈iats | in X ̧nd 'ONo Mooy Beehn, e too
SOOK.More or less.more or less ‖But oh meh
HiddenTerrible.Possimal ‖peh-see-mo
Terrible, I think I'm getting sick.Very bad, I think I'm getting sick.Destroyer | □ |ma-lee-see-mo, kreh-oh hmeh es-toy ehn-fer-man-doe
The same age.As usual.ˈKomo ˈSjɛ̃mpɾe ‖Fomomoeee see you to pray?
Tired, but I'm good.Tired but good.Dauba | Pɛɾo βjɛn‖can-sa-doe, pear-oh Bee-Ehn
I felt better.I felt better.ˈE ɛsˈsas meˈxoɾ ‖What is a free stadium
Well, thanks to God.Thank God.ˈBjɛn | ˈ ˈasjBee-Ehn, gra-see als ah dee-os
I've never been better.I've never been better.nwanka ee ee pe yea nest megForget what I am free
Can't complain.I can not complain.ˈNo me ˈpweðo keˈxaɾ ‖Nohh to yo-iht doc keh ihɔ
I am deluxe and you, how are you?Luxury and you, how are you?de ˈluxo | i ˈtu | ˈke ˈtal ‖deh looo-ho, e to, keh
I am very happy and you?I am very happy and you?ŚToESTenε Der Mwi Sinton | and there is a psalm.ES-Toy Mooy Con-Tehn-Toe and also
I am a little sad to be honest.I am a little sad to be honest.ɛGoja yet yet tɾizingEs-tofo little bäume-teh, to be without
I am pleased, thank you.I'm glad, thank you.ɛSˈai ɛkonˈtah | ɾasjas ‖Setyy and-cub-spoll, grand-sacks Iss
It's all right.We are okay.ESSˈMamos̃The
I am a little disappointed.I am a little disappointed.Itertj alɣo ðiesɛ ðiesɛplanto‖ST-Tyy All-Godry-Puck-IHK-KOK-KMK
Well, I'm very peaceful.Well, I'm very quiet.ˈBjethor | Esˈ Toi Tɾãnˈkilo ‖Bee-Ehn, Es-Toy Mooy Tran-Key-lo

This is how you react to how you are officially

If you meet someone in a formal situation, you would like to know how to get in Spanish in a formal environment "How are you". The following will find a table with some correct ways to answer and inquire about the questionhow they are doing because this would be the polite thing.

If you have asked you how you are doing first, simply leave out the question section of the following sentences.

Very good, thank you very much and you?Well, thank you very much and you?MWI ˈβjɛ̃n |ˈMuʧas̬ ˈɣɾasjas ‖ j usˈtɛð ‖Mooy is the Bern, Momet-9-Chinch-Ace). It is okay.
Very good, thank you for asking. And you?Very good, thank you for asking. And you?Mwi ̃ ̃ ́Ά un΁jpɔn ||Mooy is the Bern and large group to pray. It is okay.
Well, that's very nice of you. And you?Well, very nice and you?، | MW a ̈Rel article by ̀ Baptist ̧ asks.Bre-En, Moyy-Micy.
Good, thanks.How are you doing?Well, thanks, how are you?ˈBjɛn | ɾasasjas | marriageBIENE-EAH and Grab-Sk-as or Naky Ehmert's trills
Well, thank you very much and you, how are you?Thank you very much and how are you?́N | ́ deāst3 ̃a ¶carced ́asjas | Ja3ssss blessings | □Beans ee, Moro- Mio-chaste stance, nayo a kana laggo

This is how you react to how you are informal

If you chat with an informal friend or well -known, you may want to use more relaxed opportunities to say how you are doing. The most of the following sentences are pretty happy.So make sure that you are actually in a great atmosphere when used!

How are you in Spanish on 59 formal, informal and funny ways (4)

Super good, and you?Super good and you?Suˈpɛɾ ˈβjɛ̃n | Their ‖Soo-per beehen e too
At a hundred percent.One hundredAl ̨injèn 'justAl See-Ehn
WonderfulWunderFrom MaɾaˈβiʝaThis is cognitive
From eggs.From eggs.From ˈweβos ‖Deh ooh-eh-Vos
Everything's ok.Everything's ok.ˈ ˈβjɛ̃n ‖Product bee-eht
Never better.Never better.ˈNũnka meˈxoɾ ‖Forget that free
I'm doing well.Toys good.ˈ TOTO ˈ γ -ratten ‖toy
Good and you?Chido and you?ˈʧiðo | their ‖TU ‖Ke-do-door, it is touching
Everything's ok.Everything's ok.Toðo up ‖Task fee not
Cool.Feeling of a place.Toooo βakaka ‖Todo -place feeling
Everything's ok.Alle Chevere.Tooðo ʧelaɾir is «To-exiet-slavet.
Everything smooth.Everything soft.ˈToðo ˈswaβe ‖Product by a gender-ah-veh

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How are you in Spanish on 59 formal, informal and funny ways (5)

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Promote your friendships and watch your Spanish skills up

Making and keeping friends is one of the safest ways to ensure life. Even if you could take a millionSpanish online coursesToday you probably don't keep much of your fluid if you stop practicing the language. And what better reason to keep up with your Spanish than to practice with your friends?

Now that you know 59 different ways to ask someone how he is doing, you have no excuses not to check your Spanish -speaking friends! Even if you have not touched the base in a few months, this is your sign,To turn a text to you and see what you are going to do!

And if you are looking for more options to have your Spanish skills up to date, check our review of ourSpanish blog. We publish funny and helpful content every month that help you clean up your vocabulary and even learn a few funny cultural delicacies best? Our Spanish articles are always free and available for everyone!


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