How much do Gutter helmets cost? | Improved Home (2023)

How much do Gutter helmets cost? | Improved Home (1)

Gutter helmets or gutter guards are systems to protect your gutters. Nobody likes gutter cleaning. It's pretty disgusting. Therefore, gutter guards can help you keep leaves and debris from causing clogs in your gutters.

The average cost to install a gutter helmet is $1,196. Homeowners spend an average of $0.90 per linear foot to install plastic and vinyl gutter helmets. It costs $3.50 per square foot to install full surface tension gutter helms and $1.75 per square foot to install perforated aluminum covers.

We will also cover all relevant gutter installation costs, gutter replacement, guard replacement and trusted manufacturers in this article. We hope you know all about itRinneHelmets at the end and feel confident whether you want to either do the installation yourself or hire a professional to do it.

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How much do Gutter helmets cost? | Improved Home (2)

What are Gutter helmets?

When it comes to gutter helmets, there is a common misconception. Gutter Helmet is the name of a leading manufacturer. When homeowners talk about gutter helmets, they are most likely talking about gutter guards or gutter guards.

About the Gutter Helmet Company

Gutter Helmet company is the most reputable brand for gutter protection. It also offers the most comprehensive warranty policy and even offers regular free replacement offers for customers installing a new roof.

Gutter Helmet works directly with a number of distributors across the country. They also have a list of certified installers that you can trust. As a brand name, Gutter Helmet is of course more expensive than many of its competitors.

gutter helmet? No, I think you're talking about gutter protection

As previously mentioned, most homeowners use the term "gutter helmets" to refer to gutter guards. It's a common misconception because the Gutter Helmet manufacturer is so big and famous.

There are many other manufacturers of different protection systems. They are more affordable and each has their specialization products.If you're looking to save on installation costs, it's a good idea to shop around using the search term "gutter guard" instead of "gutter helmet." This will lead you to a lot more results.

Are Gutter helmets worth it?

The first question to always ask yourself is, are gutter helmets worth it? If you own rental properties and have a handyman to do all the routine maintenance, you may not need to attach guards.

However, if you live indoors, it's best to install gutter guards. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Gutter guards do not require regular maintenance and only need to be replaced every few years. Therefore, they can save you a lot on gutter maintenance in the long run.
  • The protective grilles permanently prevent birds or other small animals from nesting in your gutter.
  • They make our gutters last longer because they prevent dirt and other harmful things from getting in.
  • They make summer easier for you, because the standing water in gutters is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Meanwhile, there are no real disadvantages when it comes to gutter protection. The only thing to keep in mind is that gutter guards cannot 100% prevent things from getting into your gutters. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance are still required, just much less frequently.

Costs by type and materials

Gutter protection mostly varies in cost depending on the materials used. Below is a price comparison chart of some of the most popular gutter guards.

Gutter helmet cost by material

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Art des Materialscost per foot
Plastic PVC screens0,25 $ – 1,50 $
Aluminum perforated0,50 $ – 1,25 $
Vinyl grille0,50 $ – 1,30 $
Helmets (solid surface)$1,00 – $3,00
steel screens$1,50 – $3,00
metal mesh screens$1,50 – $3,00
Micro mesh screens$2,00 – $4,00
foam inserts$2,00 – $6,00
Full-surface voltage covers3,30 $ – 6,00 $
gutter brushes3,70 $ – 5,75 $

Next we will go through each type of gutter guard with more details. We'll analyze their pros and cons and dive deeper into their prices so you can find the perfect guard for your home.

Plastic PVC gutter guard and vinyl mesh

Plastic PVC screens are also known as vinyl grilles. They're the cheapest type of gutter guard, so it shouldn't surprise you that they're also the lowest quality. vinyl grille cost0,2 $ bis 1,50 $per foot.

They can be easily cut into different lengths. Since the plastic is tucked under the drip edge, no fasteners are required. However, they are not designed to last forever, and due to the spiky edges, they easily catch leaves. They are not very weather resistant and can be blown away in strong winds.

Perforated aluminum covers

Perforated Alumni Covers are available in pieces from 4" to 8". They usually cost$0.50 to $1.25 per foot.They are one of the most affordable options for gutter protection as they last 10 to 20 years.

Perforated aluminum covers are easy to install and work great with fasteners. They can also be easily removed and cleaned. The only downside is that they have larger grids and therefore smaller particles can still get through.

steel screens

steel costs$1.50 to $3.00 per foot.Steel screens are more durable than aluminum covers and do not bend or dent as easily. They come in pre-cut sections and are extremely easy to install.

They only last five to ten years, but most brands offer a lifetime guarantee. Even if theypowder coatingthe steel screens can double the service life.

Metal screens and micro-mesh screens

These mesh screens are available in steel or aluminum and are expensive$1.50 to $3.00 per foot. They have the smallest trellises and therefore keep out almost all debris except small seeds.

Gutter protection with foam inserts

Foam inserts cost$2 bis $6per foot. The wedges are typically 5 feet wide and 8 feet long. It allows water to seep through without letting in leaves and dirt. They are more expensive than other options because they keep your gutters cleaner for longer.

However, as the foam soaks up water, the inserts can freeze during the winter season. They can also encourage mold and moss growth.

Full coverage tension covers and gutter helmets

The real gutter helmets are usually $3.30-$6.00.They are one of the most popular protection options for homeowners. They consist of solid metal parts that completely cover the gutters.

Gutter helmets completely prevent anything from falling down the gutter, however debris and seeds will slowly collect between the helmet and the leading edge of the gutter.

In addition, the water is drained by a downward curve on the helmet. Therefore, heavy rains can cause water overflow because the design is not made for excessive water flow.

gutter brushes

On average,Gutter brushes cost $3.70 to $5.75 per foot. They consist of twisted wires or a wand with metal bristles, like regular brushes. In this way water can pass while dirt is stopped by the brush part.

Most professionals do not recommend gutter brushes because they must be removed periodically to clean. That's extra work and extra maintenance costs that the homeowner has to pay for.

Cost Factors for Installing Gutter Guards

As with all roofing projects, a few factors will have a significant impact on the cost of installing your gutter helm.

These factors include:

  • The height or number of floors of your home
  • How many corners do your gutters have?
  • how steep your roof is
  • total length of the gutter
  • location and climate

height and accessibility

Installing gutter helms on anything higher than a one-story home will cost you an additional expense.Generally, a contractor will charge $1 to $1.50 per linear footfor each additional story. If you have multiple floors, try to only install gutter helms on the second floor or higher.

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Gutter System Design

The more corners you have, the more complicated the installation. Contractors charge additional fees for each gutter system with multiple corners and turning points.

roof shape

If you have multiple rooflines that slope steeply or have a 90 degree bend, your contractor will charge you more for the job. Because it's more dangerous to work on these roofs.

Gutter Helm Installation Cost by Length

The length of the gutter is the main factor affecting your installation price. The relationship between average labor costs and gutter lengths is shown in the table below.

Installation costs by length

LongAverage working timeaverage cost
50 feet1 Std$150
100 feet2 Std$300
150 feet3 Std$450
200 Ft4 Std$600

location and climate

Where you live can affect how much your contractors charge. If you live in a remote area, you may also have to pay a commuting allowance. Also, try to work when the weather is nice and decent. Any projects in extreme weather conditions will cost you extra.

Of course, if the weather is too dangerous, you can't hire anyone to do the work, and you may have to pay more later to clean and restore your gutters first.

Can you install gutter guards yourself?

Luckily, installing gutter helmets is one of the easier jobs a homeowner can do on their own. Unless your product comes with a professional installation, you can do the gutter helm installation yourself for savings.

Note, however, that this can be a project that can take up to two full days to complete, depending on the product purchased. And some require professional installation, especially the more expensive and prestigious brands.

How to install gutter guards

First, make sure you have all the tools you need. To install the gutter guard you will need:

  • Cardboard cutter or utility knife
  • screwdriver or drill
  • miter box
  • Self-tapping metal screws

In general, you should be able to cover all tooling costs for less than $80. These tools are a good long-term investment if you plan to do more home remodeling in the future.

There's also a chance you'll break a shingle or two during installation, so make sure you get some roofing putty as well. Again, if this sounds too challenging, don't hesitate to find a professional!

Seamless gutters - an alternative to gutter helmets

In recent years there has been a more popular option for gutter protection. Seamless gutters come with leaf guards. As the name suggests, these gutters are supplied in one piece and are pre-protected. They only have a small opening through which water can flow.

They look nicer and work more efficiently. Of course they are a bit more expensive.Generally, seamless gutters with built-in leaf guards cost $30 to $60 per foot.Depending on the material, the price varies further.

Seamless gutter costs by material

Materialcost per footAverage installation cost for a one-story house
Vinyl30,77 $4.615 $ – 6.153 $
Coated steel31,77 $4.766 $ – 6.354 $
Aluminium37,77 $5.666 $ – 7.554 $
copper58,27 $8.741 $ – 11.654 $

Gutter helmet system accessories

If you want to take it a step further, there are accessories that you can add to your gutter system. They can be costly but are helpful in the long run. Some popular accessories are:

  • Heated gutter guard
  • downcomer screens
  • Downspout Extensions

They either protect your gutter helm system or reduce the frequency with which you need to clean your gutters.

Heated gutter guard

Heated gutter guards are popular in colder climates.They cost $10 to $15 per foot. Basically they add aHeizkabelto prevent snow and ice from accumulating on your gutters in winter.

Another option is heat tapes.Heater tapes start at $77 per 100 feet and you put them in the gutters. Whenever heating is needed, just plug it in.

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downcomer screens

Each downspout is only $2.50.These screens help keep the water flowing while leaves are collected. They are also very easy to clean. All you have to do is take them out and discard the leaves and debris.

Downspout extension

You don't want all that nasty water around your house, do you? A downspout extension directs gutter water away from your foundation.

They are usually made of vinyl as wellcosts $8 to $15 per linear foot.You can easily install downpipe extensions yourself.

How much does a gutter cleaning cost?

As we mentioned at the beginning, having a gutter helmet doesn't mean you never have to clean your gutters. You just do that less often.

As of 2020, gutter cleaning costs $75 to $350 each time.This price changes according to the size of your home and the accessibility of your roof, much like the cost of installing gutter helmets.

How much does a gutter replacement cost?

We hope you don't get down to this, but at some point you'll need to completely replace your gutters, with or without gutter helmets.

Be prepared to pay about $100 upfront for removal and disposal. You can try to remove the gutters yourself, but a professional installer will charge you extra if you make mistakes during this process.

Now you have to pay to install or reinstall guttersabout $1,200 for a standard one story house or $2,000 for two stories or more.This price can increase depending on the type of gutters you use.

Alternatively, you can install the gutters yourself according to our instructionsStep by step guide.

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How much do Gutter helmets cost? | Improved Home (3)

related questions

Do I need to replace the gutter helmets if I get a new roof?

As a rule, with a new roof you need new gutter guards. However, there are ways to protect them.If your gutter guard was installed by a certified professional chosen by the manufacturer, give them a call. You may be able to remove and reinstall the guards without damage when your new roof is complete.

In other cases, many manufacturers offer free gutter guard updates for customers getting a new roof, such as: B. the renowned gutter helmet. Contact their customer service to see if you qualify.

Do gutter helmets need maintenance or cleaning?

Yes, they need cleaning, same reason your gutters still need maintenance even if they have guards on them. In general, screens and gutter covers are the easiest to clean, and brushing is the most difficult.

If you already hire a professional to clean your gutters, see if they also offer gutter cleaning. Most contractors do this.

(Video) Best and Worst Gutter Guards from Lowes, Home Depot, Menards /@DmitryLipinskiyRI

How do I know if my gutter protection system is guaranteed?

Check the product manual if you still have it. If not, visit your manufacturer's website. If you purchased your gutter protector from a third party, either call them or go directly to the retailer for more information.

Most branded gutter helmets come with a warranty. Some even offer lifetime guarantees.

Can I clean gutters and protective grilles myself?

Of course, and you don't necessarily have toneed a ladderto do that. You can use a pressure washer or even a vacuum to easily clean your gutters.If you climb onto your roof to work on your gutters or place a ladder against the roof to reach higher gutters, make sure you do sothe right thing.

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Does gutter Helmet increase home value? ›

Yes! When quality gutter guards are professionally installed, they can increase a home's overall value. The key lies in choosing a good product and having the gutter guards properly installed for the best possible appearance and performance.

How much should I pay for gutter guards? ›

All American Gutter Protection costs between $15 and $20 per linear foot for guards and professional installation.

Is gutter Helmet worth the price? ›

After reviewing all the ways that gutter guards fail to work, we conclude that the guards are a bad investment. When you calculate the amount of time, effort, and money it takes to install and care for gutter guards, you'll see that it offers zero cost-savings and is not worth the expense.

Do gutter helmets work in heavy rain? ›

Homeowners in certain parts of the country that are subject to heavy rainfall often ask us if rain gutter covers from Gutter Helmet® can stand up to really heavy rains. The answer is yes, they can!

Can I buy gutter Helmet and install it myself? ›

Homeowners can install their own gutter guards when they take all the necessary precautions and find covers that fit well. If you're looking for a project for your home that can make future maintenance easier, you can consider installing gutter guards, helmets, or screens.

Do gutter guards do more harm than good? ›

Using any gutter guard which connects the gutter to the fascia or roof, can cause leaks and problems. As soon as you connect the front of the gutter to the roof or fascia, you create a shelf and change the roof burden and roof flashing requirement. This can cause more harm than good.

What is the difference between gutter guard and gutter Helmet? ›

Mesh gutter guards are made of sieve-like super fine mesh panels designed to filter leaves and debris out of the gutter, while allowing rainwater to flow smoothly into the system. Gutter Helmet system is made of lightweight aluminum that has a tiny slit to let rainwater in, while debris is blocked.

Does gutter Helmet keep pine needles out? ›

Yes, gutter guards work against pine needles as long as you pick the right one. A micro-mesh gutter guard will most likely resolve your pine needle problem. Other types of gutter guards, such as screens and brushes, are often ineffective against pine needles because their openings are too large.

Is there a downside to gutter guards? ›

Gutter Guards can dent and lose some of their effectiveness, so avoid posting a ladder against your gutters during cleaning or when putting up seasonal lights & decorations. If not cleaned as needed, the added weight of build-up on your gutter guards may cause your actual gutters to sag.

Are gutter guards tax deductible? ›

Yes, that's an improvement to your property, that can be listed under Assets/Depreciation. You may be able to expense the cost of your gutters all in one year, and TurboTax will ask you the questions in the Assets/Depreciation section to see if you qualify.

What is the most effective type of gutter guard? ›

The Top Gutter Guards of 2023
  • LeafFilter: Our Overall Top Pick.
  • LeafGuard: Best for Longevity.
  • HomeCraft: Best for Shedding Leaves.
  • All American Gutter Protection: Best for Comprehensive Gutter Service.
  • MasterShield: Best Curb Appeal.
  • Raptor: Best for DIY Installation.
  • FlexxPoint: Best DIY Option.
Jan 20, 2023

Is it worth it to install gutter guards? ›

For homeowners looking to protect their homes, save their time and cut down on regular gutter maintenance, the answer is pretty simple: Installing gutter guards is worth it. There are a variety of gutter guards on the market, which will help you pick an option that suits your budget and needs.

Do gutter helmets cause ice dams? ›

Some gutter guards will exacerbate ice dam issues, especially reverse curve or gutter helmet products. Their large opening that runs the entire length of the gutter allows debris in addition to snow and ice to fill the inside of the gutter, which creates even more issues.

How long do gutter helmets last? ›

About Gutter Helmet®

Gutter Helmet® guarantees that you'll never have to clean your gutters again. You'll never have to worry about getting on that ladder again. Gutter Helmet® is the superior gutter protection system on the market. Gutter Helmet® is engineered to last a lifetime.

Do you ever have to clean gutters with gutter guards? ›

It is a common misconception that you never have to clean your gutters after installing gutter guards. Even the very best gutter guard systems require cleaning, though the better the system, the less frequent the cleaning required. Over time, debris will build up inside the gutters that should be hosed out.

Why don t gutter guards work? ›

Gutter guards actually can keep rain from washing away trapped organic matter. Once trapped, it builds up and decays. And, as most home owners know, birds and rodents will chew through anything that's blocking them from getting where they want to go. They can chew through gutter guards.

Is LeafGuard worth the money? ›

Our Recommendation. If efficiency and longevity are your primary concerns, LeafGuard is an excellent pick for your gutter guard system. Its gutter guard withstands heavy downpours, and its reverse-curve design helps the guards remain durable against large debris such as tree branches.

Are gutter guards worth the money? ›

Deciding whether to install gutter guards is a matter of weighing an upfront expense against long-term benefits. For homeowners looking to protect their homes, save their time and cut down on regular gutter maintenance, the answer is pretty simple: Installing gutter guards is worth it.

How much does gutter Topper cost? ›

Gutter guards typically cost as little as $0.50 per foot and up to $10 per foot depending on the type and material used. For an average house, with 200 feet of gutters, the total cost to purchase gutter guards can be between $100 for low-cost options and $2,000 for high-end guards.

What are the pros and cons of gutter guards? ›

Now let's take a look at some of the advantages of gutter guards and cover systems.
  • Pros.
  • Avoid Clogged Downspouts. For starters, gutter guard systems can help you avoid clogged downspouts. ...
  • Easier Maintenance. ...
  • Improved Aesthetics. ...
  • Cons.
  • No Perfect Systems. ...
  • More Covered Gutters Are Slower.
May 4, 2022

What is the #1 gutter guard? ›

Mesh and micro-mesh gutter guards are similar to screen guards but feature a compact design that blocks more debris, including smaller debris such as pine needles. They require professional installation, especially micro-mesh. Mesh and micro-mesh gutter guards are widely considered the most effective guards.

Is it OK to put gutter guards under shingles? ›

Other gutter guard systems require installation under your first row of shingles. This can break your roof's water barrier, leading to costly water damage down the road. If a gutter guard requires you to lift your roof shingles — avoid it at all costs.

Do gutter guards get clogged? ›

Even gutter guards made of fine, stainless steel mesh will eventually become clogged. In fact, the smaller the openings on your gutter guard, the more vulnerable it is to clogging!

How much is gutter Helmet vs leaf guard? ›

A significant difference between Leaf Guards and gutter helmets is cost. Leaf Guards and installation cost between $2,000 to $7,500 on average. In comparison, gutter helmets and gutter guards cost between $250 to $1,500 on average, including installation.


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