Sanditon season 3: premiere date, cast and other things we know about the series (2023)

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Now is a great time for fans of Regency-era romance. Not only do we haveBridgetonReturning for Season 3 on Netflix, howeverSandton, which was sadly canceled by its UK network (ITV) in December 2019, saw that decision reversed and surprisingly found its way back to our TV screens in March 2022Sanditon season 2 ends. Now fans around the world are eagerly awaiting their hopes for the third part.

Viewers know that following the big events of season two, there are plenty of questions that need to be answered. We don't know everything about the next episodes, but we have some very relevant details to offer you right now. So, here's what we currently knowSandtonSeason 3!

What is the Sanditon season 3 premiere date?

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As of this writing, it has been almost a year since we were able to meet Charlotte, Georgiana, the Parker family and the many other residents of the seaside town, so it's great thatPBSrevealed in the December 2022 trailer (which we'll talk about in a moment) that the show will returnMarch 19, 2023! That means fans can soon expect a romantic drama date every Sunday night for several weeks. YES!

The main cast returns

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As with season two (for the most part), fans can still rest assured that all of their favorite characters will be portrayed by the actors who previously brought them to life.masterpiecenoted that Star Rose Williams' Charlotte Heywood is joined again by Crystal Clarke's similarly independent Georgiana Lambe, and other players Ben Lloyd-Hughes (Alexander Colbourne), Eloise Webb (his niece Augusta) and Flora Mitchell (Alexander's daughter Leonora) will all be joined to return.

We'll also see Cai Bridgen return to play Charlotte's new fiancé, Ralph Starling, Jack Fox is back as the unfortunate schemer Edward, as is Anne Reid as his wealthy aunt, Lady Denham. Plus, the Parkers are back as Turlough Convery, Kate Ashfield and Kris Marshall are on board to give fans more time with Arthur, Mary and Tom respectively. Sophie Winkleman will also return as Lady Susan after a few appearances in Season 1.

There will be several new characters and cast members

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SandtonSeason 2 of brought us new characters to both love and (eventually) hate, and Season 3 is cast with its own cast of newcomers who will treat us to more never-before-seen characters. In December 2022,PBSannounced that "the quintessential Austen mother" Lady Montrose (Emma Fielding ofKranfordAndVan der Valk) will arrive to finally make marriages for her two children. These siblings will come along with my dearest mom, and we'll be watching another independent young lady, Lydia (Alice Orr-Ewing fromThis will hurtAndAndor), struggles against her mother's plans when her "charismatic and confident" brother Henry (Edward Davis,Detective Pikachu,Emma.), holding on to a secret.

The city will also welcome "wealthy, grumpy investor" Rowleigh Pryce (played byNew Tricksstar James Bolam) attempt to team up with Tom for Sanditon's expansion when Alexander's "charming bachelor" younger brother, Samuel Colbourne (Liam Garrigan ofOnce Upon a timeAnd24: Live another day) is coming to stay for a while. It certainly sounds like we can see at least some of these newcomers stirring up some intriguing romantic prospects, if not outright trouble!

You can watch the trailer now!

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If you're just waiting to get a glimpse of the romance and conflicts our beloved townsfolk will have to deal with in Season 3, you're really in luck because a trailer for the upcoming episodes was released on March 1st, 2023 to to help us all get ready. Just look!

Stunning views, gorgeous dresses, dramatic voice-overs and lots of pained looks from our characters... what more could a fan ask forSandton?!

In Season 3, a newly engaged Charlotte returns to Sanditon

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One of the biggest shocks of the season 2 finale came in the final moments when Charlotte told some of her friends that she had accepted the suggestion of young farmer Ralph Starling, whom she knows from her hometown of Willingden. Although Charlotte's actress Rose Williams admittedShe didn't like her character's decisionIn general, we are confronted with a third season in which the young woman returns to Sanditon with her fiancé at her side.

PBS Masterpiece noted that Charlotte is coming back to help her good friend Georgiana celebrate her 21st birthday, leading to an (understandably) "awkward reunion" for the newly engaged lady and the man she met in Season 2, Alexander Colbourne, had come so close (whose cast spoke abouthis own disturbing choice of moody character for the finale). Fans can also expect Georgiana to be "prompted to take on a surprising new challenge" that will see her "support from unlikely sources," and I just can'tWaitto see what it's all about!

The PBS Masterpiece EP teased the "joke" and "romance" of season three

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Just by watching the trailer and hearing a little bit about the story of Season 3, it seems like viewers can expect another series of episodes filled with love, big decisions, and everything else we think of all the time enjoyed the show. At TCA's Winter Press Tour in January 2023, Masterpiece Executive Producer Susanne Simpson was asked bydecision makerwhen she thought fans would be happy with season 3 and she replied:

Here's what I would say: Of all the Sanditon seasons, this is my favorite season. That I think it has all the wit and joy expected of Jane Austen. Lots of romance. So I think audiences are going to love this season as much as I do.

say no more I'm on board!

Georgiana will have a "quest" in Season 3

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Well, poor Georgiana wasthroughAnSandtonover two seasons, right? The heiress lost both of her parents, andalso lost her guardian Sidney, and two loves before her father's 21, who tried to leave her penniless by claiming rightful ownership of her inheritance.

AccordinglySandtonHead Writer, Justin Young, who chatted with himSalonAbout the new season Coming in April 2022, Season 3 will continue Georgiana's story of self-discovery now that she realizes that her mother (who was a slave on her father's sugar plantation) may actually still be alive:

What you will see in Season 3 is Georgiana who is now on a quest to find out where her mother is and who her mother is. That comes down to who she is and where in the world she is? And how does she want to define herself?

Georgiana spent a lot of time in season two reconciling being the child of a slave and a slave owner who also gained her vast wealth through a business that uses slave labor, so I can't wait to see how i will look for her mother will make her find out who she is and where her place in the world is.

The upcoming season will have six episodes

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This could, I suppose, be considered a bit of a shame, but Justin Young also confirmed to Salon that the romantic drama has continued its development into Season 2, creating six episodes for the upcoming season. Those who watched the first season were spoiled for eight episodes, but we all know six new episodes is better than none. As anyone who has seen Season 2 can attest, the writers are more than capable of delivering a slew of jaw-dropping twists and swooned romances during this time.

It was shot directly with Season 2

Sanditon season 3: premiere date, cast and other things we know about the series (9)

One of the reasons why you didn't have to worry about another long wait between seasons like there was between seasons 1 and 2 is that news weekconfirmed, the third season was filmed back-to-back with season 2. This makes sense considering it was renewed for a third season in Spring 2021, when Season 2 was announced. Not only that, but with filming for the upcoming episodes set to take place from July to December 2021, Season 3 concluded principal photography (and likely post-production) a long time ago, leaving everything on track for the March 19th premiere .

Charlotte's story and the series will conclude with Season 3

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Now to a question: WillSandtonbe done after season 3? Although the drama's executive producer, Belinda Campbell, confirmed thisDeadlinethat the end of season three would indeed be the end of Charlotte Heywood's journey, PBS also revealed in December 2022 that the third appearance will be the last we'll see from our beloved city full of romantics and Machiavellian invaders. As Susanne Simpson told Masterpiece:

Sanditon was an incredibly special series for Masterpiece, and we know that it has found its way into the hearts of countless fans. While we're sad to say goodbye to the series, we know our audience has a lot to look forward to in this new season.

I know! It's sad to hear, but it makes a lot of sense. In this way, each story has a complete beginning, middle, and end. Does that mean that?Charlotte will continue to move away from Sidneyfinding a way out of her shocking engagement (and hopefully abandoning cute-looking farmer Ralph) and back to her new love Alexander, or not, we'll just have to wait and see.

As Campbell also noted to Masterpiece, fans should expect a season "full of hearts and joy that viewers will connect with," so I have high hopes they'll find an intriguing way to end the little coastal town's story full of characters that we love and that we gladly hate. Before the series premieres, be sure to check them outTV program 2023to see what you can watch in the meantime!


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