Vastu for Flats and Apartments: Tips to Follow (2023)

Vastu Shastra is about the creation of harmony and a dynamic balance between inner and outer space. A well-balanced environment generates favorable energy flows in a home.

While buying a flat or a flat, it is important to check if it is Vastu compliant. Be it a 1BHK or a luxurious 4BHK, make sure that the home you invest in is filled with positive energy.

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Harmonize your apartment with Vastu tips

Following the principles of Vastu in your apartment has many benefits

  • By following Vastu principles, you can bring positive energy known as prana or chi into your house.
  • This creates a favorable and relaxing environment.
  • Proper ventilation in the house due to incorporation of Vastu principles also leads to health benefits.

A flat or a flat cannot be 100% Vastu compliant. However, a few important guidelines should always be followed to attract luck and health to the residents.

Here are some Vastu Shastra tips to consider before buying a flat.

  • According to Vastu, directions like North and East have a positive impact while other directions have a negative impact. Homes to the west or south should be avoided.
  • Vastu tips for buying a new flat suggest that home buyers should avoid buying a flat that has large bodies of water in the south or west. A river, well, lake or canal should be in the north or east only.
  • An apartment facing a cul-de-sac would bring bad luck to the residents. Avoid apartments adjacent to dilapidated buildings and cemeteries.
  • Avoid buying an apartment with balconies in the south and west.
  • The apartment/apartment extended in the northeast is good. Avoid all other directions.
  • Avoid choosing apartments/flats with cutouts in the southeast and northeast.
  • Irregular, circular and triangular flats or properties where any of the corners are missing should be avoided. The 'Gaumukhi' shape, which is narrow at the point of entry and wide at the back, is considered good for the home.
  • If you are buying a resale property, avoid a property where the owner has suffered a serious accident, serious illness or bankruptcy.

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Vastu: Direction of the apartment and Panchtatva matters

Buying a new home is a huge investment. It must be favorable to the home owner. Vastu insists that Panchtatva – earth, water, fire, air and sky or space should be balanced in appropriate proportions for harmony. Vastu Shastra is based on the eight cardinal and order directions. When the five elements and the eight directions are in their proper places, they support a homeowner to achieve success in life.

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Water is the main element in the north. The zone brings wealth, growth and career opportunities. Fire is the main element in the south. Vastu suggests that fire should be placed in the southeast, making this the ideal location for the kitchen stove. Vayu is an important component of nature. According to Vastu, air should enter the house from the northeast.

When buying an apartment, check the location of each room to ensure that each of the elements of the Panchtatva are present in their respective zones.

Optimize your apartment with Vastu principles and Yoni numbers

Vastu principles are the same for apartments as for independent houses. A plane can be oriented in eight directions (four cardinal directions and four ordinary directions). These directions are specified regarding a central point called Brahmasthan and Vastu considers all these eight house positions as facing Brahmasthan. These positions are said to be the birthplace of the house and are represented by the Yoni numbers – 1 to 8. The Yoni denotes the position of the house in relation to the Brahmasthan. Ideally, a house should be built to match the movement of the earth - east-west and north-south. Yoni numbers for these directions are 1 (East House), 3 (South House), 5 (West House) and 7 (North House).[A1]

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Attract positive energy with the north facing Vastu apartment

Vastu for Flats and Apartments: Tips to Follow (4)

North-facing apartments are ideal, as the north is associated with the lord of wealth, Kuber. This direction gives the residents ample opportunity to gain wealth. When buying a north-facing apartment, make sure that there are no toilets, bedrooms or kitchens in the northeast.

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South facing apartments in Vastu

Vastu for Flats and Apartments: Tips to Follow (5)

Vastu for Flats and Apartments: Tips to Follow (6)


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Some people believe that southeast facing homes or plots bring negative energies. According to Vastu Shastra, there are no bad directions. Some energies and circumstances do not favor you when your house faces a certain direction. Any apartment planned according to Vastu principles can attract success and happiness to its occupants due to the flow of good energy. The entrance door to a south-facing apartment should be placed in the south-east so that sunlight enters the room from the east. It should be placed in the fourth pada and face north and east. The kitchen should be placed towards the north-west or south-east corner of the house. The master bedroom should be in the southwest. Make sure thatliving roomfacing east. Good vibes and energies flow in from that direction to allow peace and harmony to reign. Avoid placing the temple in the south.

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Maximize the space with Vastu for apartment

Vastu Shastra principles also help in maximizing the efficient use of space.

  • Clear clutter and organize: Clutter is always an obstacle to the flow of positive energy. Removing clutter creates a feeling of spaciousness. Keep your apartment clean and organized.
  • Optimal furniture placement: Place the furniture so that there is easy movement and the space is used properly. Do not block windows, doors and entrances, as these are where positive energy enters the house.
  • Colors and lighting: Use Vastu compatible colors that while having a positive impact will also create an illusion of more space. According to Vastu principles, natural light should be used as much as possible and this can be done by keeping windows unobstructed.
  • Mirror placement: Use mirrors that reflect natural light and make the room appear spacious. Ensure the location of the mirrors. They should not be directly opposite the entrance as per Vastu principles.
  • Maintain proper ventilation: Good ventilation is essential for a fresh and spacious room. Ensure proper air circulation through windows and ventilation openings. Do not let stale air in.
  • Balanced room shapes: There are rooms that can be irregularly shaped rooms. In such cases, there may be cases of wasted space or awkward corners. According to Vastu, a room that is square or rectangular is ideal for maximum utilization of space.

Transform your apartment with Vastu guidance

Transforming your flat under Vastu guidance involves incorporating Vastu principles in the design, layout and arrangement of various elements in your flat.

Entrance and front door:The entrance to the apartment must be well-lit and inviting. Place no obstacles near the entrance. Decorate the front door with auspicious symbols such as Vastu Yantras or images of deities to enhance positive energy.

Furniture and furnishings:Furniture made from natural materials, such as wood, should be used. Avoid sharp corners.

Balcony and windows:Maintain the balcony well and keep it free of clutter. You can place plants or small water features in the north or east areas of the balcony for positive energy. Make sure the windows are clean and functional, allowing for proper ventilation.

Which entrance is good for a flat according to Vastu?

Vastu for Flats and Apartments: Tips to Follow (7)

Vastu for Flats and Apartments: Tips to Follow (8)

While checking the interior of an apartment, check the entrance first. The correct Vastu position of the front door attracts positivity and happiness for the entire family. An apartment with an entrance door to the east, north, northeast or west is considered auspicious. Apart from these directions, houses facing the other directions should be avoided. A north-facing home is considered the most favorable. There should be no elevator, wall or tree in front of the main entrance to your house or apartment. As perfront door vastu, the front door must be at least seven feet tall and be the tallest of all the apartment doors.

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Best kitchen location in a flat according to Vastu

Vastu for Flats and Apartments: Tips to Follow (9)

In an occasion ensure thatkitchen direction as per Vastuis located in the southeast or northwest and the cooking platform must allow cooking while facing east. Avoid buying an apartment with a kitchen in the north-east or south-west, as this can cause health problems. The kitchen is one of the most used parts of any apartment or house. Hence, it is necessary to adhere to these Vastu tips for your family's well-being and happiness.

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Vastu compliant pooja room in an apartment

Vastu for Flats and Apartments: Tips to Follow (10)

Vastu for Flats and Apartments: Tips to Follow (11)

Proper placement according to Vastu for pooja room or temple at home brings peace, harmony and tranquility. According to Vastu Shastra, the pooja room plays a central role in harnessing and spreading positivity throughout your home. As perpooja room Vastu, northeast is the best direction, followed by east and north. Jupiter is the lord of the northeast and this direction is called the abode of God. One should face east or north while praying. The puja room should never be built in south. When you buy a new flat, make sure that the toilets should not be next to the pooja room orkitchen.

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Ideal bedroom position according to Vastu

Vastu for Flats and Apartments: Tips to Follow (12)

According to the Vastu rules for a flat, the bedroom should be in the southwest. Bedrooms should be avoided in the southeast or northeast, which can lead to health problems and quarrels between couples. In terms ofbed direction according to Vastu, keep the bed in the southwest part of the bedroom with the head facing west. According to Vastu, children's rooms should be in the northeast or northwest. Thatwindowof the children's room should be on the north wall to bring enough natural light into the room.

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Drawing studio position in apartment according to Vastu

Vastu for Flats and Apartments: Tips to Follow (13)

Ideally, the drawing room should face south, northwest or west. Since the drawing room is generally in the center of the apartment, you should have enough free space in this room to allow the free flow of positive energy throughout the apartment.

Vastu for bathroom and toilet positions in apartment

Vastu for Flats and Apartments: Tips to Follow (14)

Vastu for Flats and Apartments: Tips to Follow (15)

According to Vastu, most health problems are due to incorrect placement of toilets or bathrooms as they are associated with negative energy. When buying an apartment, avoid toilets in the northeast and southwest. According to Vastu Shastra, North East is a very important direction that commands worship. Avoid an apartment with a bathroom in the south, southeast or southwest, as it damages the health of the residents of the house.

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How to check the direction of the house with a compass

Vastu for Flats and Apartments: Tips to Follow (16)

Place the base of the compass on your flat palm in front of your chest. The compass needle will float freely and point towards magnetic north. Make sure you are away from structures or objects that can affect the magnetic needle and the reading of the compass. When the needle stops, you will see the exact position of all eight directions set to degrees.

  • North – 0 degrees (also 360 degrees)
  • East – 90 degrees
  • South – 180 degrees
  • West – 270 degrees
  • Northeast – 45 degrees
  • Southeast – 135 degrees
  • Southwest – 225 degrees
  • Northwest – 315 degrees

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How to check Vastu of a flat online?

Vastu for Flats and Apartments: Tips to Follow (17)

When searching for an apartment on various websites, including, which has various apartments listed online for sale, you can ask the builder or seller for the flat plan to check the directions. You can also read the Vastu tips in the blogs for guidelines regarding the correct placement of the various rooms before buying a flat. If necessary, consult a Vastu expert for guidance.

Vastu for Flats and Apartments: Tips to Follow (18)

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