What kind, color of Ganesha Idol is good for home? Ganpati photo vastu shastra explained (2023)

If you want to bring your home immense positivity and happiness, there could be nothing better than choose a Ganpati -IDol. After the Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha is a symbol of happiness and joy. He is also known as a protector of households andGanesha pictures and idols are often kept near the main door to protect the residents from evil energies, but if Vastu Shastra, it is important to place the Ganesha idol in the right place.

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Ganpati Photo: Vastu for Ganesha pictures and idols at home

According to Vastu experts, the West, the north and northeastern places to keep Lord Ganesh idols or pictures at home, are at home. Remember that all Ganpati photos should face the north direction because Lord Shiva is assumed,The Ganesha's father is, lives here. You can also keep the Ganesha Murti inside at the main door.

What kind, color of Ganesha Idol is good for home? Ganpati photo vastu shastra explained (1)

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What kind of Ganesha idol is good for home?

Ganesha idol for homeimpact
Silber GaneshaFame
Brass GaneshaProsperity and joy
Holz GaneshaGood health and long life
Crystal GaneshaRaynvs against -Fehler
Turmeric -idolBrings good luck and is cheap
Dressed ganeseBring happiness for couples who plan to found families
Kuhdung GaneshaPut happiness and a good mood and delete grief

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Forms of Ganesha

Bala Ganesha (childish form)
Taruṇa Ganapati (youthful form)
Devotion Ganesh (Devotai form)
Veera Ganapati (Valunt Ganpati)
Shakti Ganapati (the mighty shape)
Dvija Ganapati (Ganpati, who is born twice)
Siddhi Gaṇapati (the experienced form of Ganesha)
Ucchhishṭa gaṇapati (Lord of the blessed offerings)
Vighna gaṇapati (herr der hindernisse)
Kshipra Ganapati (Ganesha, who is easy to appease)
Heramba Gaṇapati (mother of the mother)
Lakshmi gaṇapati (the happy, similar to goddess Lakshmi)
Maha gaṇapati (the big ganapati)
Vijaya Gaṇapati (the victorious)
Nṛitya gaṇapati (the dancer form)
Urdhva gaṇapati (the increased form of ganapati)
Ekakshara gaṇapati (Die einzelne silbenform)
Vara/ Varada Gaṇapati (Der Boon -Geaber)
Tryakshara Gaṇapati (the three letters meaningful)
KSHIPRA Prasada Gaṇapati (the one who gives a quick reward)
Haridra Gaṇapati (Der Kumkuma -Farbige Ganapati)
Ekadanta gaṇapati (the single tuscited form of Ganapati)
Srishṭi gaṇapati (the creative form)
Uddaṇḍa gaṇapati (the executor of Dharma/ Justice)
Riṇamochana Gaṇapati (the liberator of debt)
Ḍhuṇḍhi gaṇapati (what you are looking for after one)
Dvimukha gaṇapati (a shape with two heads)
Trimukha Gaṇapati (three face shape of Ganpati)
Siṇha gaṇapati (the fearless lion shape)
Yoga gaṇapati (the ascetic form/ one in a yogic attitude)
Durga Gaṇapati (the invincible, similar to goddess Durga)
Saṇkaṭahara gaṇapati (the dispute of the problems)

The Hindu God, Ganesha, is known as the God of favorable beginnings and is revered in 32 different forms, as mentioned above. In India you will find Ganpati Murtis in some of these forms. After the religious writings, Lord Ganesha took these forms to his followersto save from various life questions.

The most popular Ganpati photo or idol is that the deity sits or stands. Ganpati images in other forms such as the dance form are usually placed for aesthetic purposes.The trunk of the deity is straight or in the air. Images by Lord Ganesh with a modak in hand are very popular. The deity is also known as a Pillayar or Vinayagar in South India.revered in Maharashtra, the festival is celebrated for ten days. Ganpati Bappa images are decorated and people bring a Ganeshidol or statue home and reverities.

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Which Ganesha Idol is good for home entrance?


Think home when bringing a Ganesh idol, remember to notice the attitude of the deity.Ideally, the Ganesha pictures or the idol in Lalitasana is considered the best. This is also known as Sitting by Ganesha, since it represents a state of calm and peace.viewed because it represents luxury, comfort and prosperity.

What kind, color of Ganesha Idol is good for home? Ganpati photo vastu shastra explained (2)

Direction of the suitcase

When choosing a Ganpati statue or an idol for your home, it is important to notice the position of the trunk.According to Vastu, the trunk of the Ganesha idol should be inclined to the left, since this is success and positivity. It is assumed that theGanesh idol what theCase that is inclined to the right is a difficult attitude.

What kind, color of Ganesha Idol is good for home? Ganpati photo vastu shastra explained (3)

Modak and mouse

When buying aGanpati Murti for homeMake sure that a modak and a mouse are part of the structure. This is because the mouse is considered its vehicle while the modak is viewed as its favorite sweetness. This Ganesh Murti is ideal for the entrance at home.

The mouse also represents material desires and our spirit, which is full of desire.- Our wishes. This wishes can even eat a mountain of kindness in us.

A mouse with its tiny, sharp teeth, snaps and nibbles on ropes that bind, the mouse resembles a mantra, the layers of ignorance can cut through, which leads to the ultimate knowledge and the truth shown by Lord Ganesha.

It is therefore important to keep these details when choosing a Ganesh idol for home.

What kind, color of Ganesha Idol is good for home? Ganpati photo vastu shastra explained (4)

WWhich color Ganesha idol is good for home??

According to Vastu Shastra, a white color Ganesha Idol isfor homeis the perfect choice for inmates who are looking for peace and prosperity. You can also choose White GaneshaColorPictures.for home. A white Ganesha attracts prosperity, happiness and prosperity. Always remember that the back of the deity of the outside of the house should be exposed.

Usually Lord Ganesha is represented as a red -yellow clothing. The color of Ganesha is portrayed in one of his forms as golden, which is considered promising.

Nowadays, most people also prefer the installation of Ganesh wallpaper or murals in their houses. This can be an excellent idea to decorate the Puja room.Ideas with a Ganesh photo arise.

What kind, color of Ganesha Idol is good for home? Ganpati photo vastu shastra explained (5)

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Vastu instructions for the placement of Ganesha

What kind, color of Ganesha Idol is good for home? Ganpati photo vastu shastra explained (6)

Avoid these places to keep Ganesha idols

According to Vastu experts, you should not keep the Ganesh Murti in the bedroom, in the garage or in the laundry. It should not be laid under stairs or near bathing rooms.to place every god in this part of the house. There are also many negative energies under stairs that are not suitable for placing a huge object.

Best offers for Lord Ganesha

  • A small bowl of rice is the ideal offer. Always place the Ganpatiidol on an increased platform.
  • Modaks: Ganpatis Favorite Sweet are the different types or modacs, especially the muffled.
  • Satori: A Maharashtrian Sweet Flatbread, which is also a preferred recipe during the festive season.
  • Motichoor Laddu: In addition to modacs, it is assumed that Lord Ganesha also likes Laddus.
  • People also offer Lord Ganesha Durva-Dal or a kind of grass during the Puja.

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Meaning of Ganesh Murti

It is assumed that a Ganesh statue or a picture at home attract good luck and prosperity. A Ganesh Murti is a symbol of perfect life that teaches important principles, such as:B.:

  • Big head to think big.
  • Large ears to listen exactly.
  • To concentrate tiny eyes.
  • Small mouth to speak less.
  • A tusks to keep just goodness. A Lord Ganesh's tusper has broken.
  • A long trunk to remain adaptable.
  • Big belly to digest well and badly.
  • The four arms of Lord Ganesha symbolize the four attributes -Mind, intellect, ego and conscience.
  • Ganesh Murti Design, with one leg and the other on the ground, symbolizes that one should be involved in both the spiritual and material worlds.

Since most people love Lord Ganesha, they collect the Ganesha idol or the pictures. So a frequent question is: "How many Ganesh idols should be kept at home?" According to Vastu, it is recommended to keep an idol in one roomIf there is more than a Ganeshidol together, the positive energy is obliged to be disturbed.

Bring Ganesha Idol home to the Ganesh Festival

With the beginning of the 10 -day Ganesh Chaturth festival, there are many people who bring the Ganesha Idol home. The face of the idol is covered during the new Ganpati Murti house and is only revealed during its sthapana.Festivals are brought home after a day and a half, three or 10 days after the number of days on which every family follows, more and more people are being environmentally conscious, it has increased that people choose at home for environmentally friendly Ganeshas, which are easily dissolved when immersing themselves. There are also many options such as Ganeshas that become a plant when immersing themselves in the immersion for which people choose.Follow the guidelines of the Vastu when you place the deity.

Which Ganesha idol is good for prosperity?

According to the Vastu Shastra, a white Ganpati photo or an idol in the house will put on to the house that the family attracts prosperity and prosperity.Place the back of the deity outside the house.

Can you place Ganesha Idol outside the house?

According to the Vastu Shastra, the house entrance with happy symbols must be decorated in order to invite a positive introduction to the house. Place people usually place pictures of gods or goddesses above the door as a symbol of happiness.To keep above the main door, which is due to the fact that you should avoid put the Ganesha idol with your back to the house because it is considered unfavorable.Keep from Ganesha on the inside of the house entrance.

According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesh was once asked by his mother Parvati while she was bathing. He did not let his father, Lord Shiva, enter the premises. In anger, Lord Shiva him, after a few convictions, can be placed by Ganesha an derDo the door to conflicts or problems. However, according to the direction recommended by Vastu, the idol can keep in a suitable place in the house.


How can I place Lord Ganesha at the entrance?

It depends on the type of Ganesha -IDOL/BILD you place at the entrance.

In which direction should Ganesh be confronted?

Ganpati idols or pictures should ideally be placed in the north, northeast, east or west of the west, preferably the north.

Which Ganesha Idol is best suited for a desk?

A standing Ganesha idol at the desk brings enthusiasm to work and helps to overcome obstacles.

What is Durva and why is Ganesha offered?

Durva grass, which has a strange number, has a cooling effect on the body and is intended to have healing properties.to get.

Which is Ganesha's favorite flower?

Red Hibiscus is Ganesha's favorite flower and is offered to please him and to seek his blessing for abundance and success.

Are there rooms in which we should avoid leading a Ganesha idol or an image?

It is recommended to never place a Ganesha idol in the bedroom, in the bathroom or even on a wall that is attached to a bathroom. The best place for Ganesh Idole is at the entrance to her house.

Can we keep 2 Ganesh idol at home?

You can place two photos or idols of Ganesh in the house in two different locations. You should avoid keeping more than one Murti.

Is Black Ganpati good?

You can lead a black Ganpati idol for your home to win success, harmony and positive energies. The black -colored Ganesha -idol means the divinity, strength and superiority of the deity.

Does a dancing Ganesha keep well or bad at home?

According to Vastu, you can keep a dancing Ganeshidol in Southeast direction that will improve the positivity in the house.Painting or idol of the dancing Ganesha in the Pooja room.

(With entries from Surabhi Gupa, Purnima Goswami Sharma and Aruna Rathod)

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